Environmental Policy


This policy represents Crossmore Consulting’s position on our environmental responsibility. We undertake to regularly review this policy and remain aware of our duties and responsibilities as part of a continuous improvement programme.


Crossmore Consulting is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all individuals who come in contact with our business. We will achieve this commitment through setting targets that ensure we only adopt environmentally responsible policies and practices throughout our operations.


  • Reduce waste and the unnecessary consumption of resources such as Electricity, Gas, Fuel, Water, Paper and Computer Equipment etc;
  • Collect and analyse data on significant environmental impacts;
  • Identify potential environmental opportunities and give consideration to their suitability for adoption;
  • Actively encourage the participation of all staff in promoting good environmental awareness and behaviour;
  • Improve the working environment by complying with Irish and EU legislation and corporate codes of conduct;
  • Implement an environmentally focused purchasing policy when choosing services and goods to purchase.


Crossmore Consulting is a responsibly managed company that is particularly concerned about the care and protection of the environment. We undertake to retain this focus both internally and externally to minimise and eliminate the impact of any adverse environmental effects in our business arena. This is a key part of our commitment to continuous improvement and excellent client service.